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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Article or Web 2.0 Submissions help my website?

Every online business has to be visible, the basic step is to get your website visible in search engines which will get some traffic to your business site. Content Promotion is the best way to do that but it is time consuming. We assist you with better visibility in the most effective manner by leaving you free to take care of rest of your business and we can deal with the brand building.

How does the submissions work?

We make use of various sources to create one way natural links and assist you with article submissions, web2.0 submissions, complete seo packages and link 3.0 innovative concept.

Who will create my articles?

Our top quality articles are written by expert writers who have vast experience in writing fresh content by incorporating relevant keywords that can take your site to an all new level.

How do I know my articles are submitted?

After the project is done, we provide you with all the login details of the directories we have used for submission. You can also ask for live article links which are generated after submission approvals.

How are submissions done in the article directories?

We make use of a manual method for submission, though we are aware of the automated ones as well but we believe in choosing the one that is 100% proficient. Every single submission is done manually in order to select the right category, layout and presentation of the article.